Who Needs LeveL Balance Trainer?

People of all ages & skill level depend on core stability…

An Innovative Exercise & Rehab Tool

The LeveL Balance Trainer is a new Innovative exercise tool that enhances your workout by saving you valuable time, without sacrificing results. LeveL can be used conveniently at home or in the gym, helping to maximize fitness results. LeveL is a superior experience over a traditional steel barbells or aerobic bars due to the dynamic internal fluid, that is constantly shifting, causing greater muscle recruitment and proprioception, which can enhance better brain function.

LeveL’s recruitment of additional muscle fibers increases muscle fatigue, resulting in shorter workout times and better overall muscle development. This makes the LeveL Balance Trainer a desirable option for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, who are looking to maximize core strength and balance.

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“Such a cool, innovative product! Makes you constantly stabilize your muscles for an added challenge. Looking forward to using this with my clients.”

Kelsey Vorrie

Personal Trainer

“Awesome product and better company. All my questions were answered promptly and the owner went above and beyond to help me use the LeveL Balance Trainer to achieve my fitness goals. I Couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Thanks again.”

Tyler Luraas

“Very challenging…works many muscle groups simultaneously while requiring mental focus! Great addition to any workout!!”

Kelly Shanley Nordstrom

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